Corporate Tax Return, Including Assessment

Corporate Tax Return Submission, and assessment.

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Income tax is the normal tax which is paid on a companies taxable income. The company is liable to pay income tax. The rates of tax chargeable on taxable income are determined annually by Parliament, and are generally referred to as “marginal rates of tax” or “statutory rates”. 

About this Service

We are glad to announce the easiest way of submitting your tax return to SARS annually. No tax forms need to be filled in from your side, no "incorrect" form returns from SARS. By supplying us with a few documents and information all of this will done for you by a registered professional accountant/tax practitioner. All the stress of trying to complete your own form, dealing with SARS etc will be a thing of the past. Best still, it will take you a couple of minutes!

How does it work?
  1. Complete the checkout process, and receive an email from us, detailing all the documentation we will require to complete the tax return on your behalf.
  2. Once we have received all the necessary documentation back, we will contact you within 48hours to discuss all options and deductions available to you as well as your tax situatuion before we file your return with SARS. 

Once we have submitted your tax return; SARS will issue an assessment, usually within 2 working days, but can take longer/quicker.

Once the assessment has been received, we will check it and advise you accordingly. You will be notified via e-mail regarding the outcome of the assessment as well as your tax situation.

By using this service you have the peace om mind that all possible deductions (some you might not be aware of) have been claimed in the correct way.  All correspondence, submitting of supporting docs etc will be handled on your behalf at an additional cost. 

Should we be required to:

  • Submit supporting documentation to SARS for an Audit raised, a fee and invoice of R350.00 excl. VAT will raised, and payment is to be received prior to us completing the audit verification.
  • Lodge an Objection to SARS on the basis that they have issued a revised assessment incorrectly, a fee and invoice of R850 excl. VAT will be raised, and payment is to be received prior to us submitting the objection to SARS. This fee is inclusive of resolving the objection submitted in full.
  • IT14SD - Supplimentary Declaration - An IT14SD is a supplementary declaration in which Companies must reconcile Income Tax, Value-Added Tax (VAT), Employees’ Tax (PAYE) and Customs declarations after the initial submission of the Income Tax Return: Company Income Tax Return (ITR14/IT14). Should this submission arise, a fee and invoice of R1250.00 excl. VAT will be raised, and payment is to be received prior to us completing the declaration

Please take note that this is not the SARS eFiling Website!!

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